Mrs Green eats a vegan lunch

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chickpeas - vegan foodThis morning I woke up thinking about food – as you do.

My reason was that I have a food delivery coming today so even though I was lying in bed, mentally I was standing at the fridge figuring out what needed using up!

Turns out I have half an avocado, half a tin of chickpeas and some tinned tomatoes.

Over on Reduce Footprints, we’ve been challenged to make ourselves a vegan meal for Change the World Wednesday, so I reckon these ‘leftovers’ will be the perfect ingredients for such a feast.

I don’t mind admitting that veganism doesn’t come easily or naturally to me.

I can’t eat nuts, which means I almost always have to avoid seeds too (most seeds are manufactured on a nut production line). So many vegan recipes I see major on the nuts and seeds.

I’m pretty skinny, so need plenty of calories to maintain my weight but don’t want to eat TOO many carbs.

And I *like* fat in my diet – I currently eat salmon, chicken, yogurt and butter; I find these foods comforting and satisfying.

However, I’m not adverse to a challenge and am happy to tackle this one head on.

For lunch then, I’ll fry up any leftover veggies in olive oil, add some herbs and simmer for a while in the tomatoes before adding the chickpeas to warm through. This will be served with basmati rice, into which I’ve mashed the avocado. This uses up all those things that need a good home AND meets the #CTWW challenge for the week – woohoo!

I can even stretch to a vegan breakfast! I’ll be having porrage made with soya milk (I tried making soya yogurt yesterday but it was vile and I have to admit to tossing it down the sink). I’ll have fresh fruit with that.

But dinner tonight? Well I reckon I’ll be ready for some salmon by then, but you never know; perhaps I’ll knock up a batch of Mrs Green’s kale and pea soup 😉

What about you – does being a vegan come easily to you?

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