10 great eco-friendly tips for around the home

recycle-world-It’s becoming more important now than ever before to make sure your home is as eco-friendly as possible. The rising cost of fossil fuels is forcing gas and electricity prices to an all-time high, and the threat of global warming is constantly looming over us. This article will provide 10 great eco-friendly tips for around the home to lighten the load on your wallet and help reduce the effects of global warming.

Conserve water

Leaving taps on and flushing the toilet multiple times can waste a lot of water. Make sure to turn all taps off when not in use and avoid flushing the toilet when it doesn’t need flushing. Also, avoid using sprinkler systems, if possible, and take showers rather than baths as they use up less water.

Energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances have become more common in recent years. Fridges, boilers, radiators and other appliances often have an energy efficiency rating applied to them that indicate how efficiently they use power. Make sure to buy appliances with a high energy efficiency. These products use less electricity to function correctly, meaning they cost less to run and don’t use up large amounts of precious fossil fuels.


Televisions, DVD players and other electronic devices drain a lot of power when in use. Even in standby mode, these devices still draw electricity. Make sure to turn these devices off when not in use, preferably at the plug socket.


Most of the heat in a house is lost through the windows and the walls. Insulation can help to keep the warmth from escaping through the walls while curtains and blinds can help keep warmth from escaping through the windows. By keeping warmth trapped in the house, it is not necessary to turn the heating up to a high level, keeping heating costs down.

Energy saving bulbs

Light bulbs use a tremendous amount of energy, especially older incandescent bulbs. Newer, energy efficient bulbs use up to five times less energy and they last considerably longer before burning out, too. These bulbs can be purchased for a cheap price at any good hardware store.

Renewable energy sources

Solar panels and wind turbines can provide a home with free, renewal energy by harnessing the power of the weather to produce electricity. While there is an upfront cost with these devices, they provide long term savings.


Studies have found that as much as 60% of the rubbish that we throw away on a daily basis can be recycled. Recycling allows for natural resources to be preserved and can reduce the amount of rubbish stored in landfill sites. Buy a recycling bin and use it – it could make a big difference to the environment.

Defrost your freezer

Freezers need to be defrosted regularly to keep energy consumption down. As little as 3mm of ice inside a freezer can more than double its energy consumption. By defrosting your freezer on a regular basis, this build-up of ice will not occur, reducing the electricity usage of the freezer.

Fill washing machines

Washing machines use tremendous amounts of electricity and water when washing clothes. Try to avoid doing half loads, instead washing clothes only when the washing machine can be fully filled up. Also, instead of using a tumble dryer, leave your clothes out to dry naturally outside on a clothesline, if possible.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Many cleaning products and air fresheners contain chemicals and toxins that can cause illness, reduce air quality in the home and contribute to global warming. Try to buy eco-friendly cleaning products and air fresheners that are free of these chemicals.

By following the 10 great eco-friendly tips for around the home in this article, it’s possible to drastically lower your electricity bill and help in the fight against global warming. Make sure to put them into action so that you can reap the benefits of an eco-friendly home.

This post was written by Michael Turner, an enthusiast in home improvement, technology and design.


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