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echchi-bookHands up who wants more happiness, health and prosperity in their lives!

Despite everything money can buy, these three gifts are often the ones we crave the most.

Recently I’ve been reading “EcoChi” by Debra Deuneier which promises to teach you how to obtain all three in the most profound of ways.

I must admit, when I open a new book and see the first chapter is the author’s story I tend to skip it. Rather than feeling inspired I tend to feel a sense of irrelevancy; rather like the author is just fluffing their own ego or justifying their words.

However, after the first chapter of Debra’s book I was captivated. The book arrived first thing in the morning and before breakfast I’d devoured the first two chapters.

Debra’s system of EcoChi has three ‘ingredients’ which are blended to create happiness, health and prosperity in your personal and business life. The three magic ingredients are:

  • Feng Shui
  • Green and sustainable living
  • Environmental psychology

Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches us that we have a measure of control over our lives and that by using feng shui techniques we can balance Chi and maximise good luck.

Green and sustainable living

With her LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation Debra is well qualified to teach us about participating in an environmentally friendly lifestyle that creates ecological integrity by helping to protect the environment and sustain its resources for future generations.

Environmental psychology

Put simply, environmental psychology is about our relationship with Mother Earth. Environmental psychology believes that protecting, building and creating a ‘preferred environment’ increases a sense of well being in all human being and facilitates behavioural effectiveness. It looks at the interplay between human beings and their environment. So for example by using natural lighting, plants and certain colours you can create places that makes us feel safe, sheltered and peaceful that are calming and soothing to the senses.

The book is packed with stories about Debra’s clients. Again, these usually irritate me in a book but for some reason I felt myself engaged with these people’s lives and couldn’t wait to find out what happened:[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]B005NWRKOO[/amazon-product]

Hoarding and decluttering

There is Henry, who’s wife died 12 years ago – he’d turned into a hoarder which apparently is pretty usual when we’re trying to ‘hang on’ to a time in our lives when we were happy or felt in control.

Then there’s Ann, who was ready to take her relationship to the next level with Gary; only Gary isn’t receptive. Walking into Ann’s bedroom; it was clear why…

Jessica was struggling to keep her business afloat and felt restless when trying to work in her office. It was Jessica’s “Towers of Terror” that were holding her back…

Dangerous clutter signals

There are useful lists dotted throughout the book showing you the top ten ‘dangerous clutter’ signals in your home and office, how to methodically declutter using the Stay, Maybe, Go system and how to bring harmonising and eco friendly energies into your space.

If you have to travel a lot with work you’ll even find an innovative lists of ideas for making your hotel room feel like home!


It’s not a book you can pick up and learn how to do Feng Shui yourself, but it certainly gives you a taste of what you could achieve if you worked with a professional. You’ll find enough small tips on getting your ‘black turtle’ and ‘red bird’ in order to make a start yourself 😉

This book has something for everyone – from home owners, to architects to business owners and once you’ve read it, it almost seems impossible to consider making home improvements or business decisions without combining the three principles of EcoChi.

The book is available from Debra’s website and you can download the first chapter for free! If you want to be super green and eco friendly you can get a kindle edition from Amazon.

What about you; have you heard of or used the EcoChi system?


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  2. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ on October 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Thank you for this review. This looks like a great book.

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