Nine reasons to plant a tree this year

Over Christmas I was thinking about the whole idea of giving gifts.

Of course it’s a lovely thing to do, but as a non-Christian I couldn’t help but wonder at the idea of giving a gift on behalf of something I don’t believe in!

We celebrate the solstice and my ‘faith’ centres around the earth and all that it offers us; unconditionally, freely…

I came across a saying recently “If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money”.

It puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

We spend our time working to earn money to support our lifestyles that essentially urge us to consume more and more.

Last year, Mr Green bought me two apple trees for my gift and I couldn’t have been happier – not only will I get food to eat but I’m doing my bit for the environment too. I’m leaving a good legacy for future generations and over its lifetime the tree will provide leaves to nourish the ground.

It got me thinking about trees, especially as this winter, so many homes near us were flooded. I just wondered whether the cutting down of trees contributed in any way…

Here are nine reasons why planting a tree might be a good new years resolution for all of us!

  • If you remember from your school days, trees give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide making them the lungs of our planet.
  • Trees provide housing for animals that make up our ecosystem
  • On a hot sunny day, I bet you’ve been glad to get under the shade of a tree or two! Why not sit under a tree for free rather than crank up the air conditioning?
  • Trees provide us with food
  • Trees protect our land from flooding
  • Trees protect the soil from erosion
  • Trees provide medicines for us such as essential oils
  • Ever hugged a tree? It’s comforting, grounding and being in nature has been proven to ease depression
  • One tree will absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide over the course of its lifetime

If you don’t have a large enough garden to plant a tree at home (although small fruiting trees can be planted in large pots) you can still do your bit. There are companies who offer tree planting events in local communities and those who plant trees on your behalf in various forests around the UK. If you want to be really hands on, schemes such as Big Tree Plant encourages people to plant more trees in England’s towns, cities and neighbourhoods.

There are some interesting laws in the UK about trees. Did you know for instance that branches that overhang a neighbour or roots that go onto their land are technically trespassing!? The neighbour can chop the branches back to the boundary but he has to return the lopped branches to the owner of the tree together with any fruit that might have been on them…

If you’re in any doubt, speak to a professional – click here for more information

What about you – have you planted trees in your garden or in a public space?


  1. Zoe @ecothrifty on January 9, 2013 at 7:33 am

    So many good reasons to plant trees!

  2. Small Footprints on January 14, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Lovely post, Mrs. Green! And what a thoughtful gift from Mr. Green! Even though I live in an apartment, I have trees. I have a fig tree in a large container and a lime tree in a smaller container. I also have a palm tree and a Tamarind tree. My fruit trees produce fruit … isn’t that amazing? All of my trees, except for the fig which goes dormant, come inside for the winter. They seem to thrive and I believe that my indoor air quality if better because of them, and their houseplant “roommates”. It also just feels great to have all these living things around … it’s energizing!