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alpha-imageNo matter how well we take care of our homes, most of us at some point, have to deal with unwelcome visitors and pests.

We’ve had fleas at Chez Green and we get silver fish in the bathroom, ants in our acidic soil which like to march into the house during summer and quite a few woodlice munching their way through our skirting boards.

It’s no problem to find a product to deal with them, but the impact of using conventional pest control can be devastating on streams, rivers, wildlife and humans.

Prevention, not cure

Prevention is better than cure in all things in life. We take this approach to our health and we should take this approach to the health of our homes. One company, Alpha Ecological, have this mantra at the forefront of their green pest control business by offering education and regular inspections. They say, by identifying and eliminating conducive conditions which can attract pests before they arrive, you get the most natural pest control available.

Green cures

If, however, little critters have taken hold of your home or business, Alpha Ecological can put together a safe, effective and ecologically sound plan to help eradicate the problem. Shying away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, their methods are tailor made to suit the unique situation you find yourself in. They use a range of natural, botanical- and mineral-based products as well as cutting edge, synthetic biodegradable products that target specific pests. This means they don’t need to use broadcast applications, which reduces the amount of products used.

Conventional products

I asked David Brown, about shop bought pest products available to householders. He said “Fipronil is a fairly common insecticide used to treat fleas. An untrained householder commonly applies this in overly large quantities which can have terrible effects on the environment.

“Alpha ecological are cure-focused instead of simply treating the symptoms. We figure out why the pests are there in the first place and if necessary apply a small but targeted amount of chemical to remove the problem”.

Natural insecticides

Three of the best natural insecticides Alpha Ecological use are pyrethrin (derived from chrysanthemum flowers), diatomaceous earth (fossilized seashell particulates), and borates (a heavy-duty salt).

Pest prevention tips

Alpha Ecological have a range of simple tips on their website to help you prevent pests. You’ll find common sense ideas such as clearing up food spills and keeping garbage under control as well as tips about general property maintenance. And if you’re wondering just what that six legged creature scurrying across your floor is, they have an excellent pest identifier complete with pictures and descriptions.

What about you? Have you had pests in your home? How did you get rid of them?


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  2. David Jones on June 19, 2011 at 7:45 am

    The pests I find impossible to get rid of and seem to be an occurrence in almost any home is the biscuit beetle in kitchen cupboards, and the midges that appear flying around indoor plants.

    If you have any tips on a quick, easy way to prevent them, I’m all ears!

  3. Mrs Green on June 21, 2011 at 10:51 am

    @David Jones: Hello David; midges usually appear around humid conditions. Are you leaving your houseplants standing in water? If you can reduce the humidity, the pests should go.
    For the biscuit beetle, I’m not entirely sure what that is; I’ll assume it’s like the little things that get into flour. You need to clear everything out of the cupboards, throw away infected food and store things in airtight containers; not opened packets.