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Jordans cereal help save bees with their big buzz campaign

Submitted by on Friday, 29 May 2009 Loading Add to favourites  7 Comments

jordans-big-buzzRecently, I wrote about the bee garden I was planting, here at Chez Green. Things are taking off slowly, with more bare soil and weeds than bee friendly plants at the moment, but all will be well.

I have thyme, catmint, sage, chives, lavender and some wild flower seedlings planted and I’ve spotted our first furry visitor having a browse around the lavender nectar already.

Jordans cereal

Yesterday, David North; editor of the wonderful Sustained magazine, told me about Jordan’s cereals ‘Big Buzz’ campaign.

Register with Jordan’s Big Buzz to earn yourself a buzz point. Collect 4 more by purchasing special packs of their breakfast cereals and cereal bars. Once you have 5 points, you can exchange them for a bee friendly plant such as rosemary or lavender!

Save the bees

Jordans recognise the importance bees have for the pollination of one third of the foods we eat. For many years their ‘nature-friendly’ Conservation Grade farmers have used 10% of their farmland to grow areas of wild flowers and clover, so that insects like bees have the right habitats to thrive.

Buzz stop

To see where people have been planting their bee friendly plants and gardens across the UK, check out Jordans interactive map. If you need a little sweetness in your life, then take a look at their honey recipes and if you want some fun, why not send your friends a Bee Line? Both of you will be entered into a draw to win a Blooming Direct gift voucher.

What could you plant for the bees this year?


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  • Joe Stone says:

    Just change the last number of the product code that you enter into the site to get free points ie

    9083 F 16:02

    you can then enter 9083 F 16:03, 9083 F 16:04, 9083 F 16:05 etc etc

  • Mrs Green says:

    @Joe Stone: Hello Joe, welcome to the site. Thanks for your comment but erm, is it ethical to do that?! I’m all for saving the bees, but ya know … 😉

  • Kate says:

    @Joe Stone:

    I thought the idea behind The Big Buzz is to help bees not try and crack the system. It’s not really fair to take advantage. Fairs fair.

  • Mrs Green says:

    @Kate: Thoroughly agree, Kate! I can’t really endorse cracking the code either 😀

    Little Miss Green has just rescued an injured bee; I hope it survives; it seems unable to fly 🙁

  • Rachel says:

    Dear Mrs Green
    I work at Jordans and we were wondering if you would mind taking Joe’s comment about the code down please? As both you and Kate have said, the idea is to help bees, not for people to crack the code. We have had some people who are honest enough contact us to tell us they have worked it out but have not been tempted to tell everyone. We would be very appreciative if you could take the comment down.
    Kind Regards

  • Mrs Green says:

    Rachel, can you send me your email address via the Contact form please?