Really Common Gardening Mistakes That Can Be Fixed

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Many amateur gardeners exist and while some are naturals, others have to learn to develop a green thumb.  Here are some of the most common gardening mistakes and how to avoid them.

Improper Watering Technique

Many garden owners water at the wrong time of day. For instance, if you water during the heat of summer, the plants can end up dying. This is because they lose moisture as water evaporates or water droplets end up making the effects of the sun stronger. The best thing you can do is to water the plants as early as possible in the morning or later on during the night. This protects leaves and helps retain moisture.

You might also make the mistake of lightly spraying plants and thinking it is enough. In reality, this can lead to shallow roots which can mean plants don’t survive. If you want to make your garden better, it is a good idea to contact some local plumbers Melbourne professionals that would install an irrigation system.

A Big Tree In The Front Of The Garden

If you’re going to plant trees (which we should all do to help avert climate change), then choose wisely. Many people plant a small tree, not realising how big they can grow! Measure the space you have and ask for advice in a garden centre if you want something that will not spread You’ll most likely need advice on pruning it too. To make the most of it, why not plant some fruit trees – then you get the best of both worlds. You can keep them pruned and eat the fruits of your labours.

Do Not Dig Clay Soil If It Is Wet

We have clay soil here at Chez Green and it means we are a few weeks behind people with loamy soil. Although clay soil is wonderfully fertile, you mustn’t dig it when wet as this only breaks down soil structure and ends up damaging it. Wait for the clay to dry out and warm up, then, mix it with some manure or sand. In time, the soil structure will be enhanced and plants will flourish.

Killing House Plants

Contrary to popular belief, most house plants die from too much kindness – usually from too much watering. Do not let the plants continually sit in water. Put around one inch of water in your bath and just sit the plant in it. After one hour passes, the plant will have absorbed all that it needed. You can then remove it. Some plants like to be sprayed to increase the humidity too – this is especially important in the winter if you have central heating in your home.

Bad Weeding

A common mistake when clearing a bed is to just hoe off a weed’s head and leave the rest. Unfortunately, most weeds have really strong root structures and you have to dig as much of the root as you can. An organic gardener wouldn’t resort to weed killer, but by continual pulling up you can eventually get on top of them. The best thing is to supply plenty of ground cover plants that you DO want and this will help push the weeds out.

Dealing With Slugs

Many people start to deal with the slugs when it is really late and the damage has been done. The best way to deter slugs is with some sort of trap or barrier such as crushed egg shells, grit, copper tape and beer traps. No matter what you decide to use, the important thing is to do it before your seedlings come up. One of our favourite ways to deal with slugs organically is using neem oil. Need oil won’t kill slugs, but it disrupts their breeding cycle, so you eventually end up with less slugs. You can also do some sacrifical planting, in the hope they will leave your crops alone.

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