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pic1If you’ve never grown anything to eat before, then I have just the challenge for you!

Garden Organic, the leading gardening charity, aim to get  30,000 people who have never grown anything before to give growing a go with their “One Pot Pledge

As you know, one of my sayings is that you don’t need a garden to grow food and the One Pot Pledge is all about supporting people with limited space. You can grow on your windowsill, in window boxes, patio pots, hanging baskets or a stack of tyres. Whatever your space you are only limited by your imagination.

Last year, the National Trust ran their ‘Grow veg on your ledge” initiative, encouraging UK householders to turn their 600 acres of window ledges into veggie patches. Their suggestions for the top five leg veggies were lettuce, radish, beetroot, rainbow chard and creeping rosemary.

Garden Organic recommend summer salad leaves, rocket, coriander, dwarf beans or basil as crops that are easy to grow, so there is plenty to choose from!

When you sign up to take the “One Pot Pledge” you will be entitled to discounts and offers through Garden Organic. If you have some experience to share you can still join in the fun; why not share your knowledge by signing up to be a ‘Gardening Guru’?

Growing food; even just a small amount in just a pot, gives you the opportunity to connect with the food you eat and it’s a wonderful activity to do with children.  As well as saving you money and encouraging healthier eating, growing your own food helps you live more sustainably.

Despite the huge increase and interest in ‘grow your own’ many people still don’t know where to start when it comes to food growing. Many are put off because they think they don’t have enough space, time or knowledge. By encouraging people to start small with just one pot, the One Pot Pledge campaign aims to make growing easy and successful.

What about you – are you a complete novice; could you join in with the challenge, or are you an experienced “Garden Guru” with some knowledge to share?


  1. sarah rodriguez on June 9, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    What a great idea! Our garden last year produced an enormous amount of food! Almost more than we could eat! From one little patch of yard.

  2. Mrs Green on June 18, 2010 at 8:16 am

    @sarah rodriguez: Hi Sarah; it’s amazing what you can grow in a tiny plot isn’t it! Hope you have a good growing season this year too 🙂

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