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The green gallery

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 April 2011 Loading Add to favourites  12 Comments

the-galleryThis is my first week of joining in with the Sticky Fingers ‘Gallery‘.

Sticky Fingers is hosted by Tara. Photography is Tara’s passion so she launched The Gallery, a weekly feature, for bloggers to participate in.

Every Friday she offers a prompt and on the following Wednesday participants post a picture which they feel represents that prompt.

I’m not good at photography, but I do love to look through old albums and I never go anywhere without my camera. As this week’s prompt is ‘Green’ I felt this was surely a sign I needed to take the plunge and join in!

So here’s my photo. It’s of a seedling pushing its way through the soil:


Every spring I sow seeds. I sow seeds for food so we can reduce our carbon footprint and eat seasonal, local food. I grow herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes and I grow flowers because I believe you should feed your soul as well as your stomach.

Every spring I sow seeds and every year I am excited, mesmerised and giddy with delight when I see the first seedlings push their way through the soil. I mean, what kind of miracle is that? All that is required for new life is contained within a tiny seed. I don’t have to do anything apart from push it into fertile soil and water.

It gives me faith, hope and trust in the processes of life. For a moment, when that seedling pushes through the soil I feel as though everything is well in the world. It’s like a sign that nature is happy, thriving and doing what she does best.

On top of that, this particular photo makes me smile. I love how the seedling is still wearing a soil hat and I love it because I was told that these particular seeds (it’s a luffa in case you are wondering) are difficult to germinate.

What photo would sum up ‘green’ for you?


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