Three easy herbs to grow

herbs growing in a windowsillTo support Garden Organic’s One Pot Pledge, I want to share three delicious and easy-to-grow herbs with you!

Even if you are without a garden, all you need is a sunny spot – a porch, windowsill or window box will do – and some free draining soil to enjoy the benefits of fresh food.

Potted herbs bought in supermarkets rarely last long, so why not grow your own from seed or cuttings?


Mint is a herb that NEEDS a pot regardless of the size of your garden. If you don’t contain it, it will soon take over!

It is virtually indestructible and the perfect herb for beginners. It will come back again and again and who can resist its uplifting and energising aroma?

Mix it into salads such as tabbouleh or make fresh mint tea from it.


The pretty flowers of chives attract bees to your garden and they are edible too – serve with salads.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1844766888[/amazon-product]

Chives have powerful properties, because they are a member of the allium family (onions and garlic).

Snip off the tops with scissors and garnish any meal with them.


Thyme is a useful herb to have around the home. It has strong antibacterial properties making it useful for coughs, colds and supporting the immune system.

Bees love thyme flowers and as long as you don’t over water it, thyme will last for years.

It’s a potent herb; you only need a few of the tiny leaves for a meal. Thyme goes well with heavier meals such as meat, eggs and cheese – add a few to an omelette.

What about you – what would your three easy grow herbs be?


  1. Small Footprints on July 9, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I adore herbs … they are so easy to grow and, in my opinion, are beautiful plants. The three you chose are great … and can be used in so many dishes. Mint is fabulous in spring rolls or sprinkled over curry. Chives and thyme … well, what can’t be enhanced by their flavors? I also like to add fresh herbs to green salads … it’s like a flavor explosion!

    This year I’m growing sweet basil, both flat leaf and curly parsley, and cilantro. I have them in long planter boxes which hang on my patio railing. The color and shape of the leaves add so much to the beauty of my patio … and I love being able to go out and clip what I need for a meal. In my area, fresh herbs are rather expensive for a very small bundle … so I feel like I have a gold mine. 🙂

    Enjoy your garden!

  2. Mrs Green on August 7, 2010 at 6:55 am

    @Small Footprints: Hey 🙂 You’re so right; they ARE beautiful plants in their own right and yes, they are wonderful in green salads. We’re growing basil and parsley too – enjoy the fruits of your labours 🙂