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Mrs Green’s natural cleaning kit

Submitted by on Friday, 14 August 2009 Loading Add to favourites  6 Comments

lemonsI’ve been asked several times what I clean my home with her at Chez Green.

Today I’m going to share my five ‘must have’ items for safe, natural and effective green cleaning.

Some items you’ll have at home yourself, so you’ll be able to green up your cleaning straight away.

Others you might need to buy, or you may have a favourite product of your own to share with us.

Microfiber cloths

Ok, these are made from man made fibres, but I feel their benefits outweigh their downside.

I’ve had some of my cloths for about  8 years and they are still going strong.

With these cloths you don’t need any chemicals or cleaners at all; so this also means less water needed – you don’t need to rinse products away.

Just water and a microfibre cloth will take care of most day to day cleaning jobs such as wiping over surfaces, cleaning the bath tub or washing over the floor.

Bicarbonate of soda (Baking soda)

This is my most used product in the house.

Baking soda is multi purpose, and as you’ll be aware, safe enough to eat!

It is a great deodoriser, will clean a burnt saucepan effortlessly, is a degreaser and will bring a shine to sinks. Find out more about cleaning with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda).

White vinegar

Another great kitchen product that your Grandmother would have used for cleaning is white vinegar.

It’s the number one product for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors. Vinegar also cuts through grease, gets rid of limescale, reduces mildew and will remove the residue of other products.

Find out how to use vinegar for cleaning.


Most people, who switch to green cleaning are worried about the smell of their home. They are used to products which are heavily scented and this gives them confidence that their home is ‘clean’.

Lemons can achieve effortless cleaning and they leave a wonderful ‘just clean’ scent!

Use lemons to disinfect chopping boards, dissolve soap scum, nourish wood and bring a shine to copper saucepans.

Discover more about using lemons to clean the eco friendly way.

Essential oils

I love my collection of essential oils!

Some have powerful antibacterial properties, so can be used with confidence to clean tables, high chairs, door handles, toilet flushes or anywhere you want to be assured is germ free.

In addition, essential oils smell fabulous and a little goes a long way; which makes them very economical.

I have a plant mister filled with water, a little vegetable glycerine and 8 drops each of lemon and lavender. It is such an uplifting smell that it makes cleaning almost a pleasure!

What about you? How do you clean in an environmentally friendly way?


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