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green cleaning products on StreamagoI don’t know about you, but I do love to have a play on YouTube.

Little Miss Green has discovered the delights of the channel herself and has been keeping herself entertained by watching home videos of cute cats and rabbits purring, stretching and binkying their way through life.

I’ve used YouTube to broadcast some videos and really like it, but I think it could be improved which is why I was excited to hear about new interactive live broadcasting from Tiscali.

Streamago offers everyone the opportunity to create their own tv channel and broadcast video in few seconds. What I love about Streamago is you can create and share live events in real time. I love to do -fly-on-the-wall videos with our little home movie camera, but imagine being about to broadcast real time!

Until recently I’ve had to take a movie, download it onto my computer and then upload it to YouTube. With Streamago you don’t need to download or install anything, you can get on air with a webcam and internet connection. In addition you don’t need any editing software, the Streamago broadcast console enables you to create titles and subtitles which makes it a great service to share videos with friends/family.

Even more amazing is Streamago brings home broadcasting right into the 21st century with its apps for the iphone, ipod touch and ipad – this means you can send streaming reports in true real time from a concert, sporting event or party.  For facebook fans you can integrate Streamago with Facebook and publish the channel directly into your personal page on your wall.

Streamago is community based, allowing anyone to follow and comment on other people’s videos whilst having the opportunity to create your own TV channel.

Joining Streamago couldn’t be simpler – you enter your name, email and password then click on the confirmation email.

Once it was time for me to upload my video (I wanted to upload and show later) I got a bit stuck! I couldn’t find any clear instructions on what to do, so eventually asked on their facebook page and received the help I needed. I think more ‘user friendly’ guidance would be a great addition to this new site; perhaps in the form of an FAQ or some screen shots of what to do. I’m pretty computer savvy, running two websites and the like, but I really couldn’t fathom it out myself!

broadcast console for natural cleaning products video on streamago

Eventually I uploaded a video on my Channel about my 4 ‘must have’ cleaning products for you to check out! Leave a comment under my post so I know you’ve had a peek and let me know whether the images work with the sound please!

The sound quality wasn’t brilliant on  my PC, despite using a microphone and the images were all over the place on my computer and not in alignment with the audio. Maybe I need to play around with the settings and quality of images to speed things up. I decided to check it on my ipad, but couldn’t view the video because it required ADOBE Flash, so that was a bit disappointing. I guess I need to install the app before I can view things

Have you tried Streamago? What do you think of it?

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  1. Kris on June 20, 2011 at 9:11 am

    It works very well! thinky