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WRAP Recycle week – 2nd June 2008

Submitted by on Sunday, 1 June 2008 Loading Add to favourites  6 Comments

Recycle week june 2008 This week is WRAP’s Recycle Week. In it’s fifth year, the aim is to promote awareness of recycling and inspire the public to recycle more.

It’s supported by the national recycling campaigns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, together with a growing number of local authorities.

This year’s theme is ‘Just one more thing we can recycle’, which is to remind people to add just one more thing to their recycling. Why not use this week to do a ‘waste audit’ on your home or workplace and see what else you could be recycling in your area?

Check out Recycle Now, for details of your nearest recycling facilities, along with advice about your kerbside collections. Simply type your postcode into the box and all will be revealed.

What are the recycling facilities like in your area?


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  • It’s such a pity! The majority of the 7 billion greeting cards purchased in the US each year are discarded. Despite the beauty of their design, the purpose of greeting cards is to provide your family and friends the feeling of importance, then be thrown away! The landfill is the final destination for all these beautiful cards…until NOW! By using Thoughtful Card Sender labels you can recycle and extend the life of your valued greeting cards. Impress your family and friends by using these money saving and environmentally conscious labels at!

  • Mrs Green says:

    Interesting site, thoughtful card sender. I find it strange though that a prize is a tank full of gas, as you are a green website.
    Can you tell me more about how your system works and what you are promoting?

  • Jessica says:

    Great site, and I will be following your posts!

    I work for an eco-friendly furniture design company called Structured Green. We’re located in Savannah, GA, and manufacture/distribute all of our own custom designed furniture. Much of our timber that we use is recycled, reclaimed, or reused wood – from an old couch to a weathered dock, for example.

    Recycling is a great eco-friendly tool – more people should recycle their old stuff!

    Will check back soon for more updates!


  • Mrs Green says:

    @Jessica: Hi Jessica,
    good to see you and thank you for leaving a comment. We value all feedback.

    I’d love to hear more about your company. we are working on a community side to the site, so there will be opportunity to hear more about these things.

    it sounds like you are manufacturing some great items at Structured Green 🙂

  • my biggest gripe is that the local authroities all have different collection restraints. A town 2 miles down the road has collections of food waste via the small caddy, however for some reason we dont. Same with glass collections in some towns. I agree that promotion is needed, especially with electrical waste from householders, however it would be much easier to promote if everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet. I understand location of recycling facilites for different types of waste is key but i also think cost is a major factor too.

  • Mrs Green says:

    @data destruction london: Yes, you highlight one of my bugbears too. I would love to see just one approach across the whole of the UK> I think this would encourage MORE people to recycle.