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woman-confused-about-carbon-footprintIn spite of reading up on the advantages of solar energy and understanding the true environmental impact of our reliance on fossil fuels, a common problem for people wanting to start a ‘green’ journey is where to begin.

Knowledge is power, so while coming up with a strategy for effectively reducing your carbon footprint is something you’ll have to figure for yourself, evaluating the best place to start is something you DON’T have to do alone thanks to online energy efficiency calculators.

I’ve already written an “online carbon footprint calculators review” for people living in the UK, but today I’m focusing on our US readers.

Plug in the appropriate numbers through the following “green calculators” and you’ll get some ideas on how you can truly reduce your family’s carbon footprint:

Home Emissions Calculator

Through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Home Emissions Calculator, you’ll discover a ballpark estimate of your household greenhouse gas emissions. The Personal Emissions Calculator takes into account home energy use, car travel, and the possible measures you’re taking to reduce your emissions in order to present you with a figure and recommendation you can use to re-evaluate your energy-using habits.

Home Energy Saver

This incredibly detailed and highly informative Home Energy Saver calculator can help you find ways to save money and energy by allowing you to enter in everything from your electric company’s prices to your existing energy using habits. Once all is factored, suggestions are made regarding the best methods of going green that someone in your particular situation can utilise.

Fuel Economy Calculator

The number of cars currently on the road may only be one of countless causes of climate change, but as individuals, limiting our car use is an effective way to practice daily green living. Use this Fuel Economy Calculator to learn your current car’s MPG, or when shopping around for a new vehicle.

Nature Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator

This Carbon Footprint Calculator provided by The Nature Conservancy was funded by charity. What separates this service from the rest is that it factors in dietary habits, an aspect of our carbon footprint many people don’t know about or choose to ignore.

By using these eco-friendly online calculators, you can make green decisions that will benefit the planet as well as yourself!

What about you – are you aware of your carbon footprint, have you used an online calculator and what are you doing this year to reduce your impact on the environment?


  1. Stacey on January 23, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing these great links. It’s always nice to be able to give people more resources on ways to become green. We’ll be sure to share them with our friends.

  2. Mrs Green on January 24, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    @Stacey: No problem Stacey, thanks for stopping by!

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