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How to cut your electricity bill by 15%

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

home automation can reduce your electricy billThey say a picture is worth a thousand words which is why I love sharing infographics.

You can learn so much from them.
And this week I’ve learned some of the key benefits of home automation!

By staying connected to your house via smartphone, tablet or PC, you can control your lighting and temperature at any time, from anywhere. This means it’s simple to reduce both your carbon footprint and monthly utility bills.

I didn’t know, for instance, that DIMMING a bulb can help it last 20 times longer; did you?

And that heating and cooling make up to 56% of the average household’s energy bill.

It appears that you can save on insurance costs too, with the average person getting a generous reduction of 20% on their annual bill.

By using home automation to control energy consumption, your electric bill can be cut by as much as 15 percent. Combined with insurance savings, My Alarm Centre reckon you could save up to $1,352 a year.

Not to mention the benefits to the planet and environment at large.

Take a look at the infographic and let me know what you think:

My Alarm Center Home Automation
A Home Automation Infographic


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  • Great Post!! I am all for doing what it takes to help cut energy costs. I always look so forward to your informative posts. Hope you are blessed with an awesome 2014!!

  • Jane says:

    I agree with Alicia that your posts are always very informative. This is very interesting. I do not think it would be cost effective to install in our house at present, but presumably the cost will fall in the coming years and the technology will become commonplace. At present, we will need to continue to make do with timers in our house, set before we go out. I was surprised to see above that a light bulb will last 2.8 years when dimmed. Our lights are un-dimmable but the bulbs last much longer than that.