Over 2000 hours of energy wasted per year from standby

bye bye standby - turn it off at the wallIt’s not exactly a new, green message is it? Nothing new under the sun as they say, but according to latest research by the energy saving company, Bye Bye Standby, the message isn’t getting through yet, in the UK.

A heart stopping 41% of British householders still leave their appliances on standby when they are out at work all day. What is even more incredible is that 23% of householders leave electrical appliances on standby when they are away on holiday!

Every household leaving gadgets on standby when occupiers are out of the house, wastes over 2000 hours of energy per year.

Ok, so a TV only takes a minimal amount of electricity when in standby, but if you multiply that by the millions of TVs in this country alone; we could collectively save enough energy to power 2.7 million homes per year if we all switched off at the wall.

Shocking isn’t it?

In a world where fuel prices are increasing and our resources are running out, we’re still not getting the basic green message about switching off at the wall.

Here at Chez Green, we have one of those funky kill-a-watt meters. You plug them into an individual socket and they tell you how much energy you are using. Turning just our computers (which includes monitor, printer and router) off at night is saving us nearly forty pounds a year in electricity.

Imagine that multiplied by the number of gadgets in your home……….

Why not go and spend a few moments now walking around your house to see what you can switch off when you go out or go to bed?


  1. Gelene Brown on March 24, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    We all need to be mindful of the phantom user. These are the household or office appliances that are draining energy when no one is using them. What is the answer? It is very simple. It is called the “5 Minute Campaign”(service marked). It is something I came up with and that I practice in my business and home. I spend the last five minutes of the day before I leave the office and bedtime turning off or unplugging appliances that will drain energy. This simple practice has saved me on my utilities. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to save the environment? I know I do. What about you?

    Working to Retrofit America,

    Gelene Brown
    Stinnette & Brown

  2. Mrs Green on March 26, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Hi Gelene; welcome to the site. I love your ‘5 minute campaign’ So simple, yet so effective.
    Well done you. I tend to have the same habits at home, but I’m going to make extra sure tonight I have covered everything. Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea 🙂