The Best Home Technology That Won’t Drain Resources

alternative technology for your home


When you’re an eco warrior, it can be hard to reconcile your desire for modern technology with its effects on the environment.

After all, the more technology you have in your home, the more electricity it uses. Plus you have replacement costs. With built in obsolescence, those replacements can come around too quickly!

Here’s some ideas of things to bear in mind when replacing technology in your home:

Computers & Tablets

There are two items that people usually own. One is a tablet or a computer, and the other is a phone. Whilst these don’t drain much in terms of electricity throughout the day, like perhaps the TV would, they do take a lot of it in one when they’re on charge. So the better option would be to have a laptop or a tablet, simply because they’re only draining energy at one point during the day. You want one that’s really going to hold the charge as well, and Mac’s are the way forward with that. You’d need to create an Apple ID, set everything up to backup, and you’d be away. The best thing about Mac’s, is that although you really are paying the price for it, it’ll be a long time before anything actually does go wrong with it!

Home Appliances

Home appliances definitely know how to drain a lot of your resources, particularly anything that produces heat such as a tumble dryer. To reduce resources and save a lot of money, you need to try and cut out the dryer altogether. If you have a large family and are doing a couple of loads a day, think about what items you can put in together, and see if you can amalgamate loads or use an economy setting when you do the washing. Many people wash their clothes far too often, so see if you can cut back on the amount of laundry you do – this will also help fabrics stay in better shape and promote longevity of your clothes.

Alternative Energy Sources

If you really are energy conscious, there’s probably a few alternative energy sources that you’ve researched into. One that we would definitely recommend that you check out, is solar energy. Although it might be a fair amount to have it installed, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Your home will be primarily powered by solar energy, and that’s just going to do so much for our planet!