Chocolate week 13 – 19 October – make it fair trade and organic

chocolate week - make it a sustainable affair with fair trade and organicNow we all know that a little of what we fancy is good for us. Even more so from 13 – 19th October when it’s chocolate week!

This isn’t permission to stuff yourself with Mars Bars, this is indulgence for adults with a conscience. As a green gal I’ve researched the usual chocolate that is available on our shelves and it’s not a pretty sight.

Not only are they nutritionally bereft and full of toxins, but most ‘mainstream’ bars involve appalling working conditions for the farmers (and their kids).

Some chocolate-producing companies still support child slavery in contemporary chocolate plantations along the Ivory Coast.  Children are found travelling or begging and lured to the Ivory Coast, where they are sold. Traffickers promise them paid work, housing, and education; instead, they are forced to labour and undergo severe abuse working on the cacao farms.

Think of that next time you indulge in your favourite bar of chocolate.

During chocolate week there are events taking place across the country so that you can have taster sessions, learn more about chocolate and oooooh and aaaaah at chocolate sculptures!

Here are six ethical chocolate companies for you to get stuck into during chocolate week. One for each day and then you can go back to your favourite on the Sunday 😀

1- The Cacao tree offer 34 flavours of chocolate. They are a tiny company who hand make all their products. They use fairtrade banana, sugar and coffee and local honey. All their products are sold in paper bags, which means no waste!

2- Cocoa Loco is a small family firm who produce handmade organic products in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. Their products are certified as organic by the Soil Association and are Fair Trade. 

3- Voted as one of The Guardian’s Top 10 Ethical Chocolate Companies, Montezumas create a range of innovative flavours for grown ups. Their range includes chilli, Sweet Paprika & Strawberry and Nutmeg. They are organic and made in the UK.

4- Booja-Booja are famous for their organic truffles, handmade in Norfolk, England. They are winners of 25 awards including Best Organic Confectionery and Gold for the Good Taste Award.

5- Divine is the Fairtrade Chocolate Company co-owned by the cocoa farmers cooperative Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, who not only receive a fair price for their cocoa but also share in the company’s profit. Their products are readily available so can can pick a bar up with your weekly shop.

6- Finally, if you want to be purist about things, then raw cacao nibs are for you. Cacao beans are the raw ingredient that all chocolate is made from. On their own they are a bit bland, bitter and tasteless, but mix with a little agave syrup or add to smoothies and allow the taste sensations to begin!
Raw Cacao is approximately 4000% higher in antioxidants than blueberries. It is available online and from selected health food shops.


Stop the traffik is a campaign working to combat people trafficking and child slavery. Find a list of chocolate that is guaranteed to be ‘Traffik Free’

What is your favourite ‘real’ chocolate?