Ethical fashion from Asda?

Cheap for you, not for themLast year, Asda were questioned by anti-poverty campaigners over their school uniforms. The high street chain were selling a complete uniform, including shoes for less than £10. Asda claimed they were ‘ethically sourced’ but according to War on Want (, Bangladeshi garment workers, who supply Asda clothing were working 80 hours a week with enforced overtime and potentially deadly working conditions for 5p an hour. Hardly an ethical and sustainable choice.

If that isn’t enough, Asda have begun this year with men’s suits for £15. Their latest offer is a woman’s work outfit – trousers and a blouse for £5.

Many of us bemoan the fact that things are ‘too expensive’, but the question to ask before buying something cheap is ‘Why is it so cheap?’.
Ethical fashions
Yes, there are genuine bargains to be had, but generally if it’s cheap, then something or someone has paid along the line from production to shop floor.

In further articles I’ll share some of my favourite ethical fashion brands. Even a devout green gal loves a new purchase for her wardrobe from time to time, right? Long gone are the days of hair shirts and school matron style shoes.
Eco chic!
There are eco chic ways to enhance your wardrobe with a smile on our faces and a warm glow in our hearts knowing that we have had as little negative impact on the environment and other people as possible.

On the Clean up Fashion site ( you can find information on major leading fashion retailers.