With this ring, I thee devastate people’s lives and the environment

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Ethically sourced wedding bandHaving watched the film Blood Diamond, and thoroughly researched gold mining, high street jewellery is no longer an option for me.

Fairly traded and ethically sourced jewellery is the only way for a natural girl with an eco conscience to go!

The jewellery manufacturing business is one of the least sustainable businesses out there, so it’s worth spending time researching your choices.

My wedding ring was made locally from gold that was hand mined in Wales, using a good old fashioned, hand pick! There was no blowing up the land, child labour, cyanide or other toxic chemicals used. Plus I know that everything was done here in the UK, by willing adult labourers who love their craft.

That certainly bought meaning to my own vows when we spoke of our love. It isn’t just about our fidelity and love for one another; our vows have far-reaching effects into the way we live our life together and the world we leave for our children.

It doesn’t really feel right to begin a commitment of love with someone else’s blood on our hands or knowing that our bands of gold have caused devastation to the environment.

Companies to consider for the greenest of vows are:

Silverchilli for fairly traded silver.
Ingle and Rhode for ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones.
Cred jewellery for beautiful jewellery with beautiful ethics.
Stephen Einhorn for conflict free diamonds and recycled gold.

You can buy wooden rings too, which might be the most eco friendly choice, but I have to admit I’m not sure how long-wearing they would be. They might be ok if you never wash up, chop wood, pull up veg from the garden or make a meal in the kitchen again, but perhaps not practical for the majority of us!

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