Mission Playground for ethical clothing

creative-tshirt-by-mission-playgroundWith a tag line “The earth is our playground. Our mission is to preserve it” how could I resist shining the spotlight on this ethical fashion company?

The beautifully named Mission Playground is a conscious lifestyle clothing company that uses apparel as a vehicle for change.

They began in 2003 with a graphics-driven range of t-shirts conveying positive messages to inspire environmental awareness and preservation.

Innovative fabrics

Their range of womens, men, kids clothing and accessories include innovative and sustainable fabrics such as 100% recycled PET bird’s eye knit, 100% merino wool jersey, 100% organic cotton poplin, and exclusive to Mission Playground is MIPAN regen recycled nylon from pre and post consumer waste.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0307381358[/amazon-product]


The company supports fair trade labour suppliers and continues to explore sustainable business practises.

In addition, 1% of their sales is donated to non-profit organisations whoe share the same passions as they do for the world – our playground.

One of my favourite pieces is the gorgeous ‘create a clean future’ shown in the photo. It is currently on offer at just $20.

Food for thought

I love this quote from their site, taken from “The Green Book” by Elizabeth Rogers : “If one out of every five Americans bought just one organic t-shirt, instead of one made with conventional cotton, almost 50,000 tons of agrochemicals would be prevented from being released into our environment.”

It’s an amazing thought and one that backs up my own personal view that everyone doing their little bit can add up to a huge collective impact.

What about you – do you have a favourite ethical clothing company?