Zaytoun launches fair trade olive oil in the UK

Zaytoun - fairtrade, organic olive oilZaytoun, an ethical business established to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine, has launched the first ever Fairtrade Certified product from Palestine.

A member of IFAT (now the World Fairtrade Organisation), Zaytoun are a non-profit company. Their primary objective is the welfare of the producing communities.

Their produce range focuses on olive oil and olives. All of their oils are extra virgin, first cold pressed, organically grown and fairly traded. They are available through local sellers or you can buy cases direct from their website.

Since the company was launched, they have imported over 140,000 litres of Palestinian olive oil into the UK, which means that more than £1.25million has reached farmer co-operatives.

They are currently looking for market places in the UK to stock their range of Palestinian fair trade products. Why not ask your local health food shop or food co-operative if they would like to get involved?

Via Ethical Junction