All electric 4×4 launched in the UK

electric 4x4How excited am I?

You might remember in 2008 we changed our car. We were driving a 4×4 and it weighed heavy on our conscience, not to mention our carbon footprint.

Reluctantly we put our beloved ‘Gus’ to one side and bought a car which gave us a rather lovely 55 mpg – twice the amount of our 4×4.

The trouble was, we didn’t have the capacity to carry things in our new car the way we did in a 4×4. Bearing in mind we run a woodburner 24/7 from September to March we need to gather a lot of wood throughout the year!

A few months ago we made the decision to put the 4×4 back on the road. We’ve tweaked the engine and drive carefully, and manage to push 27mpg from it by driving economically.

I have to admit, it still makes me feel a bit guilty, especially as I write a blog about green living!

All this guilt could soon be a thing of the past as I was recently contacted by Liberty Electric Cars with the joyous news that they have completed testing on a Pure Electric 4×4!

Show me that car!

They put a Liberty-converted Range Rover through its paces to demonstrate the abilities of the technology. The result is proof that the company has created a large, luxury vehicle that is 100 per cent zero emission yet performs as well as any combustion-engine equivalent available on the market today.

The new technology allows for wireless charging, where the car is parked over an induction plate and charges automatically without the need for plugs or power leads.

The Liberty Electric E-Range accelerates from zero to 60 in seven seconds, reaches a top speed of 85mph, and has a distance capacity of 200 miles on one single charge.

Following the official test session, Oxford-based Liberty Electric Cars has now entered the production phase and their first vehicle should be available in the UK at the end of this year.