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4 ways working from home helps reduce emissions

working from home reduces emissions

In 1914, Henry Ford implemented the now-industry standard 40-hour work week in his Ford factory plants. Where before workers were averaging 50, 60 and sometimes even 70-hour weeks, the new standard helped curb prolonged work exposure while also upping overall employee productivity.

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The ultimate car sharing system has arrived!

toyota ha_mo electric vehicle car sharing

While I might occasionally get wistful for the slower and simpler (not necessarily easier) pace of life my Grandparents lived through, I am a girl that loves modern technology and ‘progress’. You won’t be dragging me away from my smartphone any time soon, and although I loved walking miles around record fairs looking for that…

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All aboard the electric bus!

electric bus toshiba

What vehicle costs 70% less to run than diesel? And which same vehicle produces 60% less CO2 emissions than a diesel one? This week I came across something rather exciting!

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Is Hydrogen fuel the future of motoring?

toyota mirai hydrogen fuel cell car

As you know, I like to keep my eye on the car market. While we still drive a 4×4 which gives us a rather eco-UN friendly 25 miles to the gallon, I hold out hope that one day we’ll be able to purchase something that ticks all the sustainable boxes.

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