Get a free copy of Ecoescape travel guide and plan an ethical holiday in the UK

Ecoescape: Responsible escapism in the UK by Laura BurgessIf you live in the UK and are planning an eco friendly holiday, then you can grab yourself a free copy of the first edition of Ecoescape.

Ecoescape is a directory of green places to stay and visit in the UK. It brings together sustainable ideas for every step of the way: from places to stay and things to do, to places to eat and ways to get there, including nearest national cycle routes and rail links.

All you have to do to get your mitts on one of these lovely little books is spend some time filling in their online survey. Visit the site to take part

It’s a great little survey and I have to say I was very impressed that within three shortSouthlands eco holiday home in the UK days, my own copy of Ecoescape landed through the letterbox, as promised. It arrived complete with the reassuring scent of recycled paper and earth friendly inks that gives you confidence in their business ethics.

Ecoescape is a helpful resource that inspires travellers to go green. With lots of media interest in reducing our carbon footprint at the moment, one of the first things eco warriors are doing is giving up long haul flights.

Ecoescape promotes responsible escapism and shares some real treasures that are waiting to be discovered on our very own green island!
Responsible travel on bikesWhether you have a huge budget or are looking for a frugal getaway, then this guide is a must-read.

If you want a free copy, be sure to visit the site soon as the offer finishes at the end of this month.