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Honda want to make you a TV star!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment
Honda Insight hybrid vehicleAlthough I’m green at heart, my eco sin is my car.
Not only do I drive a car, but I use a 4×4 <gasp>.
This vehicle allows me to run a wood burner and is a working vehicle, but it still plays heavy on my conscience.
There are many manufacturers who are addressing our needs for more eco friendly cars; not quick enough for my liking, but at least they are putting things in place.
Honda has the ‘Insight’; a hybrid vehicle. Nissan has the ‘Leaf’; an electric car. Fiat 500 TwinAir does nearly 70mpg making it the lowest CO2 petrol car engine in the world. The Liberty Electric E-Range promises that 4×4 electric vehicles will soon be on the road…
Honda makes efforts to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at every stage of their products’ life cycle. Instead of focusing solely on a vehicle’s emissions for example, they reduce emissions throughout the entire product life cycle – from research through to disposal via their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) programme. I learned that a huge 78% of CO2 emitted over the life cycle of a vehicle is when it’s being driven on the road by customers, compared to 22% emitted through raw materials, transportation and putting the vehicle together.
Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity to propel the vehicle and leaves only clean water vapour behind rather than harmful pollutants. Not only that but the seats and door mats are made from bio-fabric which is derived from plants – this is a car which I can get really excited about!
Honda, who sponsor documentariess on Channel 4, use snippets of ‘real life’ stories told by their customers about how they use their Honda products in unique ways. Apart from ferrying half a tonne of wood around and moving various items of furniture between houses I don’t really use my car for much, but Philippa, an Oxfordshire famer uses her Honda All-Terrain Vehicle to transport her gorgeous herd of fleecy alpacas. While Adrian, a sheep farmer uses his Honda generator to power sheep scanners, as soon as the sheep become pregnant.
If you’ve got any Honda product that you use in an original and quirky way you can upload photos, a short video and description to their hub site where the favourite (hosen by Wieden+Kennedy ) will be turned into the final mini-documentary and turned into idents for TV.


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