Hybrid vehicles: three benefits to you and the environment

With society becoming more environmentally aware and hybrid vehicles being so ‘on trend’ these days with plenty of endorsements from A-list celebrities, is it time to rethink the hybrid car?

There used to be one or two to choose from but now there are many car manufacturers developing hybrid-electric vehicles, the choice is getting bigger.

They no longer have the stereotypical ‘spaceship’ design and even high end manufactures such as Audi and BMW are now jumping on the bandwagon so you can still drive in style, whilst being environmentally friendly.

What’s the difference?

Standard vehicles use internal combustion engines as its main source of power, which runs on petrol or diesel. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. This means whenever you apply the brakes, the car stores energy and then uses this energy when it’s in motion instead of using fuel.

How does this benefit you?

Improved Fuel Economy

Despite being slightly pricier to purchase than a regular car, in the long run hybrid cars are very cost effective. The majority of hybrid cars have a high mile per gallon rate, which means you can travel a longer distance for every gallon of fuel you purchase. The higher the number, the more you will get out of your car, thereby having to re-fuel your tank less often; saving you time and money. All vehicles from the Hertz Green Collection achieve between 45-65mpg.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Help create a greener environment by reducing the amount of harmful emissions, thereby reducing the effects of global warming. Levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are continuously rising, which is why car manufacturers are now investing heavily into producing vehicles with lower CO2 emissions a top priority. The new CO2 legislation states that car manufactures will have to build brand new cars with a CO2 output level of 130g/km and under starting from 2012.

Avoid the London Congestion Charge

If you go a step further and purchase a car with a CO2 output level of less than 100g/km, you can say goodbye to the daily Congestion Charge. This includes Toyota’s Auris, which is available from the Hertz Green Collection. If you commute to Central London daily, the long term financial savings of using a low emissions car will be significant.

What about you – do you drive a hybrid vehicle or low emissions car?