Powwownow conference calling saves money and emissions

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teleconference call with powwownowI’ve got a bit of a thing about meetings. Firstly most meetings tend to be about when you’re going to have your next meeting. Secondly, they involve people from across the country, or even across the world, travelling to meet in one place.

With a planet that is suffering the effects of climate change, we need to bring conferences into the 21st century.

Here’s where Powwownow Conference Call come in!

Powwownow Conference Call is a global communications enterprise which provides a free conference call service. All you pay for is the cost of your own telephone call. (typically around £2.50 for an hour in the UK).

Teleconferencing is eco friendly in that it encourages people to communicate over distance rather than contributing to CO2 emissions by travelling.

The company believe long distance travelling can be avoided through telecommunications and Powwownow are so confident about the service they provide they guarantee the Powwownow treatment is the best around.

The company offer some great services which put them ahead of the competition; for example you don’t have to register your details, you can record calls for free and you can even have ‘on hold’ music!

Setting up a conference call is very straight forward and quick to do:

  • Enter your email address to retrieve your PIN
  • Share the PIN with your conference participants
  • At your chosen time, all call in to 0844 4 73 74 75, enter the PIN and start talking!

Not only is teleconferencing better for the environment, but it saves money too.

You can follow Powwownow on Twitter or join their fans on Facebook.

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