The future of energy is air!

car-runs-on-compressed-airI came across this fantastic video which is so inspiring.

It can’t escape your notice that so many stories about our future are pessimistic. We’re told of challenging times to come, the decrease of oil, increased price and food shortages.

However, I’m an optimist and believe that if enough of us create a critical mass of people who want the future to be bright, then we can.

If we can make co-operation reign instead of  competition, if we can allow selfless behaviour to overcome greed and pool together our innate capacity as humans to be creative and resourceful then we could indeed face a wonderful future where there is enough for everybody.

All we have to do is work WITH nature, rather than against it.

I’ve always said that nature provides all we need; and it does. It’s just that our current human nature dictates we are led by ‘wants’ not needs.

If we only took what we needed, I believe there would be more than enough to go around and we could ALL live a life of affluence and wealth in every facet of our lives. If we didn’t interfere with the processes of nature, then it would continue to support us in an unconditional way.

Pie in the sky? Maybe, but then so is a car that runs on air – isn’t it?