5 new year resolutions for a more sustainable life

Having just entered the New Year it’s the perfect time to take a look at improving your life.

Most people seem to set New Year resolutions every year that are not only solely based on themselves such as their personal appearance but also are far too unachievable for them.

This year how about considering the planet around you as you make your New Year resolutions?

Here are my top 5 New Year resolutions which help to achieve a more sustainable life.

Healthy, organic food

The first of these top 5 is to start eating healthy, organic food. Yes, even good quality dark chocolate, grown without pesticides can be good for you!

This will not only benefit the world around you but will also help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, furthermore keeping you in good shape throughout the year to come.


Secondly, making a resolution to recycle is one which is quick, easy and can be done by all.

The small amount of time in which it takes to separate the recyclable rubbish from the non-recyclable is minimal, yet it brings about such large benefits to the world and allows for many for products to then be created.

These days, nearly everything can be recycled. Why fill up all of the landfill space and face the risk of incinerators being built when you can simply just recycle them, allowing them to be created into new goods?

Electricity consumption

Wasting electricity is something that can be taken for granted by many. It can be seen as very easy to just exit a room without turning a light off or to stop using an electrical appliance but still keep it plugged in with the switch on.

Once again this is a simple task which will not take time out of your day to complete yet it will help to achieve a more sustainable life which is desired.


Everyone knows of the problem of pollution in the world. This is a problem of which is caused by us; we are the people who use cars for journeys which are short enough and safe enough for us to walk, we by the products which are difficult to make and therefore the machinery causes harm to the environment.

The 4th top 5 New Year resolution for a sustainable life is then to find different ways of travelling for example to work or to school.

Ideas such as car sharing when it is cold are great ways to prevent more pollution in the air. If someone living near you is going in the same direction, why not split the petrol costs and drive together? Not only will this save you money on fuel but it will also help the environment around you.

When the weather gets more pleasant you can then remove using the car completely, if the journey is not too far of course. Walking and cycling are ways that help the world and also keep you in great shape.

Conserve water

The final resolution is to try and save water where possible.

Water, like electricity is taken for granted and therefore used and wasted on many occasions when it does not need to be.

Instead of using the dishwasher to clean your dishes which uses a lot of water, why not fill up a washing up bowl with water and do the washing by hand, enabling you to save a lot of water and money.

With New Year resolutions such as these in place, you can not only feel good about yourself but to also help the world around you.

What about you – any resolutions for a more sustainable life?

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  1. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking on January 11, 2013 at 12:06 am

    These are great resolutions and with a little effort can be attainable for most of us! Awesome list!!