Budget Ways To Revamp Your Garden

revamp garden on a budgetWe all know that we really want our garden to be the place to throw parties, invite pals over for a day in the sun, or to be the adventure playground for the kids – however who has the time to maintain it to the standards we want these days?

And having it professionally landscaped can be extortionate in this modern world that we live in. Here are three quick ideas to help you revamp your garden on budget!

Upcycling & Upkeeping

The art of using what you already have, and what’s more there is little financial cost, just time, a little hard work and a bit of patience. Do you have wooden garden furniture that is lacking a bit of love? A bit of sandpaper and some dark grey paint (or any other dark colour paint that you feel goes with your garden) can really modernise and make your furniture look new again, breathing some new life into your garden or patio! Some great tips can be found here: Instructables – Upcycled Garden Furniture

Also upcycling and more importantly upkeep, your fencing needs love as that’s likely the immediate landscape you are looking at when you are in your garden. For fencing, just simply using a durable paint is enough. It’ll need touching up every now and again but costs very little. So very little maintenance!

The Miracle Is In The Lawn

Ever wanted that perfect lawn look but without the hassle, the need for tools or expensive mowers? Then look no further! Astroturf was once the ridiculously expensive new garden fad of the 90s that only the rich & famous, or wealthy schools/sports organisations could dream to install. However due to innovation in development and production, you can now be the proud owner of forever perfect lawn with no maintenance needed, at a fraction of the cost of landscaping. One of the best companies out there for astroturfing gardens is New Lawn so have a browse and click to read more. You’ll never need to mow again, honestly! If in doubt check see what the pros and cons of artificial grass to real grass.

Less Is More

Think Marie Kondo does flower arranging (if you haven’t watched Marie Kondo on Netflix then you need to, she’ll literally change your life and give you the inspiration and tools to de-clutter your home). The notion of the more flowers or trees the better leads to the requirement of long-term personal investment in your garden.. more maintenance, tools, luxury compost and overall labour hours. If you can reduce your flower beds size then this will make more of a statement out of them, also this is an opportunity to increase your lawn space or patio size. This will create more physical square footage of usable space for your parties, bbq’s, sun loungers or for your kids to play in. It will also make your garden look larger!

So to round-up, your garden doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to revamp, with a little time and hard work you can get it feeling new and modern on a small budget. Remember the key points here – Upcycle, upkeep and less is more.