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Two outfits; one week for #sixitemschallenge

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 March 2014 Loading Add to favourites  One Comment

christmas shoppingOh now you’re talking.

I’m going to let you into a secret of mine.

I have a love-hate relationship with clothes.

I love it, in that I LOVE it!

I’m a girl through and through when it comes to new clothes.

Find me a clothes website and I’ll scour through for hours.

I have secret Pinterest boards crammed with styles and looks.

I cut pictures out of magazines and put them in files.

But I hate it in that I’m really bad at shopping and dressing myself.

I change my mind from day to day.

One day I want to be wearing a feminine, floaty dress.

The next I’m channeling my inner Parisian Chic

Then you’ll catch me slobbing around in ill-fitting tracksuit bottoms and a favourite t-shirt.

And don’t get me started on jeans.

Skinny, bootcut, holes in the knee, pale, dark; I think I’ve got a pair for all occasions. And then some.

I’ve yearned for a capsule wardrobe for years.

I’d love to go to my wardrobe knowing what to wear rather than suffering from ‘so many clothes but nothing to wear’ syndrome.

I buy impulsively from charity shops, then come home and realise my new item won’t actually go with anything.

Or I have to face the fact that the pink sparkly leggings that called to me from the 50p bucket were there for a reason (or there for a 13 year old rather than mother of a 13 year old).

But this week’s Change the World Wednesday Challenge is going to get me on track.

In honour of the Six Item Challenge from Behind the Label Small Footprints is asking us to choose two outfits and wear them exclusively for the week.

We’re not allowed to wash our clothes more than usual; we have to maintain good environmental practices too. And this is all about raising awareness of some of the terrible conditions people work in, so that we can satisfy our ‘fast fashion’ and disposable fashion addiction.

So I’m in.

And I can’t wait!

A while ago I challenged myself to wear the same dress all week and I really enjoyed it!

My challenge right now is that our house is pretty cold.

We don’t really light the fire until the evening now as our wood stores are running low, so I need to stay warm.

I’ve taken a look in my diary and although I’m working from home most of the week, I have a couple of client meetings too.

So I guess that’s one jeans outfit and one ‘meet clients’ smart / casual outfit.

I’m off to take a rummage through my wardrobe to see what I can find that will mix and match. And while I’m there I’ll be taking a closer look at the materials and labels I buy to see if I’m supporting anything I’d rather not.

What about you – are you ready to wear two outfits for the week?


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