Top 4 Most Common Causes Of Depression In Adults

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depressed woman lying on bedDepression affects millions of people worldwide, but what causes it?

Today, we take a look at the most common causes of this mental health problem in adults.


Being in a constant state of stress will naturally lead you down the path of depression. Stress can make you feel a certain way that puts you in a negative mindset. You start to feel like the world is against you, and that you’re all alone with no one to help. Pretty soon, you can end up feeling very depressed unless you deal with the cause of your stress.

There’s an article over on that details the symptoms of stress, what might cause it, and how to deal with it. This could help you get over your depression if it’s stress-related.

Drugs & Drug Addiction

Another common cause of depression in adults is drugs. There are two ways drugs cause this problem. The first is relatively obvious; drug addiction. Being addicted to a specific drug creates all sorts of mental health issues that lead you spiralling into a state of depression. If you feel like this is happening to you, then there are sites like that might be able to help.

The second way drugs cause depression is through prescription medication. You may be prescribed a drug for a health problem that causes side effects in your body that lead to feelings of depression. If this is the case, then you should see your doctor and look for alternative medication.


Naturally, grief can be a major cause of depression. Losing someone you love and care about will have a massive effect on your mental wellbeing. A lot of people go into depression when they go through the stages of grief. In fact, it says on that depression is the fourth stage of grief. Not everyone makes it past this stage and moves onto the final one; acceptance. The result could be years and years of depression that just won’t go away and will plague your life. Seeing a grief counsellor could help you finally make it past this stage and learn to accept your loss and move on.

Other Health Problems

Yes, depression can be caused by a whole host of other health problems. Imagine you suffered a serious accident that meant you could no longer walk, how will you react to this? It’s natural to start feeling depressed as you come to terms with a health problem that heavily impacts your life. The same can be said for other health issues as well, like being overweight.

Knowing you’re overweight can easily cause depression in adults, and it gets worse and worse when you don’t see any changes. Having any health problem can greatly affect your mind and make you think very dark and negative thoughts. So, tackling your depression could be a case of coming to terms with your health issue and dealing with that.

Depression is a serious mental health problem that should be taken very seriously. If you suffer from it, then find out what the cause could be and address it to solve your problem for good.

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