How Can a Pharmacist Help You Manage Your Health?

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When you have a health issue, the first thing that you might do is make an appointment with your doctor. But that’s not always necessary, especially when you’re dealing with a minor medical issue or you just want to get some advice. Did you know that your local pharmacist could help you in these situations? Not only can they offer you helpful advice but they could also see you much quicker than your GP can. Pharmacists are trained and licensed medical professionals who spend five years getting a Master’s degree in pharmacology and completing foundational training to practice. If you go to your local chemist or pharmacy, the pharmacist can help you in a number of ways.

Advice on Prescribed Medications

Pharmacists don’t prescribe medication in the same way that doctors do, but they do have a great deal of knowledge about different medications, their side effects, and how they interact with each other. If you have been prescribed medication by your doctor, your pharmacist can offer advice and support, especially if you are starting a new medication. They will also make sure that you are receiving the right medication and the correct dosage and that you have been given the best advice about how to take your medication.

Managing Prescriptions

Pharmacists will help you to manage repeat prescriptions and can answer questions that you have about anything you have been prescribed by your doctor. In fact, pharmacists often know a lot more about various medications than GPs do. Many pharmacists are based in pharmacies and chemists that are able to deliver your prescriptions to you as well. They can often provide advice over the phone too, so you don’t necessarily have to take a trip to see the pharmacist to get advice. Some pharmacists can provide online advice too or work with online services to help people get the right treatments.

Advice About OTC Medications

Pharmacists can provide advice and recommendations for over-the-counter medications too. If you’re not sure what product you need or how you should be treating a minor health problem, a pharmacist can help you. They can help you make sure you know the paracetamol dosage children should take, how to treat a minor ailment like a rash or a cold, and what you can take for allergies. There are also some medications that don’t need to be prescribed by a doctor but you need to speak to your pharmacist to access them.

Health and Wellness Advice

Pharmacists are also able to provide general advice and services relating to health and wellness. Depending on the pharmacy, you might find that there is support for quitting smoking, managing your weight, taking your blood pressure and managing hypertension, and so on. You can find out what individual pharmacies offer by checking their website or visiting to see what services they advertise.

Pharmacists can help you to manage your health in several ways and often save you a trip to the doctor. Find out what services your local pharmacy offers to learn more about how they can help.

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