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mama's home remediesFollowing on from my three natural remedies for burns yesterday, I came across a great blog by Svetlana Konnikova, who is author of a great book ‘Mama’s Home remedies’.

Home remedies and the healing powers contained witin some of nature’s gifts is one of my passions. Did you know that Little Miss Green has never taken any prescribed or over-the-counter medication in her life?

We have a wonderful doctor who accepts that I like to be empowered with my medical choices. He really is great – very supportive and respectful of our choices. LMG has been to the docs three times in her life; each time for a diagnosis. Our Doctor appreciates that Iherbalism non shaw value his diagnostic skills and then I’ll go off and treat conditions myself in a holistic way.

He’s a rare find!

I believe that if we can connect with our intuition and trust in the healing process, we can heal ourselves of most conditions. One of the most important factors in the natural healing process is TIME.

Many of us are time poor and modern drugs give us the message that we can pop a pill and get on with life.

doctor mum's kathy duerrOften, our bodies become ill as a message. How many times have you wished you’d listened to that sore throat or that painful back because you’ve ended up in bed with a full-blown illness?

Giving ourselves time to relax, and heal if we get ill, is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves.

And often, all we need to do is listen to our cravings or our desires to find the perfect ‘home remedy’. Yes, there are even valuable trace elements in good quality chocolate!

The book Mama’s Home Remedies, talks you through easy to make, natural recipes forkitchen pharmacy rose elliot treating common ailments and conditions. The author combines a body, mind, spirit approach to holistic lifestyle; which always gets my vote!

I’ve put up pictures of some of my favourite ‘home remedies’ books – click on any of the covers to buy!

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