Natural Ways To Relieve Pain

natural ways to relieve pain

There are many reasons why you might experience physical pain. Pain is always an indication that something is wrong, but it’s not always clear why we have it.  While finding the source of the problem is always the most important and paramount concern, it is also important to merely help alleviate the pain itself, so that our bodies can remain relaxed and our minds calm. But many of us don’t want to take over the counter pain remedies as they can have side effects on skin, digestion and mood, while some prescribed medication can be habit-forming.

Here are three natural alternatives

Creams & Oils

If you have a minor headache or a joint ache, then you might find cbd creams and oils help. You can get these in health food stores and online. They are very useful for many kinds of pains, including chronic tension, so they’re worth checking out. Especially as CBD oil can be very relaxing to the mind. I personally love essential oils. Oils such as lavender can ease tension headaches and promote relaxation. While black pepper, ginger and rosemary in a warm bath can help ease tight muscles after a work out. Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil before applying to the skin.


If you have a joint or muscle pain, often all you need to do is to stretch out the area involved until it feels better. If you think about it, you’ll probably realise you do this automatically. If you’ve been hunched over a computer, you automatically stand up and stretch your back in the opposite direction. If you’ve been bending down, you’ll want to stand up straight and unlock your knees. When you’re been asleep, there’s nothing better than a big yawn and full body stretch. So take it one step further and look into some yoga stretching exercises designed to counteract pain by encouraging stretching of muscles and fibres.

Losing Weight

This is the one you probably don’t want to hear, but there is one long-term change you can make which will lead to you having fewer pains overall in your daily life! And that’s losing weight. Being overweight can cause pain and stiffness in your joints  and studies show that pain and obesity often go hand in hand. Obviously this doesn’t apply to you if you’re a healthy weight, but if you have a few pounds to shift and you’re suffering from pains in your joints, losing weight might be something to consider, under the guidance of a health professional.