Why You’re Anxious & What To Do About It

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differentt types of anxiety and treatment

Anxiety is something that affects pretty much everyone at some point in their lives. However, some people suffer debilitating symptoms and for those people, it is a good idea to have some tools in the toolbox for how to deal with it. If you have a lot of anxiety and want get on top of it, there are many things to consider. In this post, we are going to uncover some possible reasons why you might be anxious, and what you can do about it to improve it in the future.


Something that may come as a surprise is how often anxiety and depression can occur at the same time. Many people believe you’re either one or the other, and one doesn’t exist with the other, however, they are often opposite sides of the same coin.

You can take basic tests online, to determine whether you are depressed. If results look affirmative, then seek professional help.

Situation-Based Anxiety

Many people can relate to situation-based anxiety. You might be worried about an upcoming interview, for instance, or some public speaking. In these cases, you can adopt particular approaches to ensure that you can get through that moment – such as using some CBD oil, or allowing yourself a few deep breaths before going into the situation at hand. There are some excellent guided meditations available either through apps or YouTube.

Voices in the head

For some people, anxiety can be characterized by a voice in the head that gets louder in times of stress, keeps you stuck in repetitive thoughts or is very critical. This is a very unpleasant situation to find yourself in, and it’s something that can seem to be out of your control. However, as ever, there are solutions to at least calm this somewhat. Therapies such as CBT can be really successful in helping you establish more positive and realistic thoughts in order to soothe those loud voices.

Social Engagement

For a lot of people, their anxiety is largely centered around social situations. If that is true for you, then this can be helped again with CBT, where you will gradually train your thinking to be more helpful. Another therapy which works well for this is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). By tapping on certain points of your body, you can learn to self soothe and establish new, more helpful behaviours. .

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