3 Ways We’re Looking After Our Mental Health Because Of 2020

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2020 has been a teacher nobody knew about. It’s shown us how important our sanity is. It’s shown us how important self-care is. It has given us a wake-up call that we will never forget. For the rest of our lives, we will use 2020 as the measuring stick for how bad life can really get.

We hopefully will never again complain about mundane things when we have had our freedom taken away this year. The normal things we used to know and love are out of reach. Mental health is not at the forefront of our social psyche because of the challenges we faced this year. So how has our approach to mental health changed.

Toxic people, begone!

When you don’t know if you will be able to handle another day in lockdown, it’s important that the people you are with enrich your life. Sadly some divorce solicitors reported up to 70% more calls during lockdown. This might be due to living in such close proximity with one person for an extended time, changes in routine that take their toll or it simply highlights what our usual busy lifestyles was managing to hide away. It’s a tough decision to make, especially if you haeb children together, but cutting toxic people out of your life is not only a necessary thing can be essential for good mental health.

Indulging a little more

Taking the time to love and care for the things that make you happy is really important to our mental health. Whether it’s writing poetry, creating art, dancing around the house with the music turned up, learning about a topic you love such as the Royal Family, or just cleaning your car, we have learned that indulging in the things WE love, is often the best medicine. Doing what you love is going to keep you happy and joyful. Normally, we would do things we like in moderation. But now, we want to do a little more than we should because whatever makes us content is the only thing that matters.

Help others!

We must help each other in community. It’s a great act of altruism, but the amazing thing is, helping others benefits you too. Even if it’s just talking to a friend about their mental health concerns and giving them some tips, or searching the internet together using Zoom to find the best coping skills, you would be changing someone’s life. It’s quite incredible how anyone can become heroes when a crisis hits the community. You could be that person who saved someone’s life if you just reach out and help a stranger.

Mental health has been at the forefront of 2020 because everyone was facing hard times. Emotional turmoil is rife, anguish and anxiety are simmering at the brim of our minds. Thankfully, we appreciate our mental health a lot more because of this experience.


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