7 Ways To Welcome More Calm Into Your Life

reading to calm the mind


It’s safe to say that life tends to be a little stressful at the moment. No matter what any of us try to do, it’s so easy to think that we can relax and switch off, but it’s really hard when things are out of our control.

Maybe you are feeling really anxious (research shows an surge in adults and children experiencing anxiety over the past year) and you want to try and change that? There are definitely things that we can all be doing.

The idea here is not to force anything or feel like you have to do everything on the list. In fact, it’s the opposite. You don’t want to make this feel like yet another thing to do, on that ever-increasing To Do list of yours.

So have a read through and just pick the one that appeals the most to you:

  1. Take A Bath


It sounds silly, but spending some time to take care of your body really does boost your wellbeing. And baths are so relaxing. So think about running a soothing bath before bed to help you relax in the evening. Add a handful of epsom salts and a couple of drops of lavender oil to help you destress.

  1. Get Some Sleep

A good night’s sleep can really work wonders. It gives you more energy and helps your brain to function more clearly. Both can help to fight off worry and anxiety and work to keep you so much calmer in yourself. So try to work on steps that will help you to improve your sleep such as banning screens in the bedroom.

  1. Try Yoga

Exercise is always good for the body and releases happy chemicals in the brain. If you’re not sure where to start, opt for an online yoga class that can keep you calm, sooth your mind, but also give you a workout. This will help you both mentally and physically.

  1. Try A Natural Remedy

There are many safe, natural remedies that can help ease a troubled mind. We’ve already talked about lavender oil and epsom salts, but there are other things too, such as natural cbd oil or a herbal tea such as lemonbalm. Alternatively, you can try Delta 10 THC Products to take the edge off in more stressful situations and to help you relieve stress.

  1. Get Outside

Getting out in nature is so good for us, that some GPs are literally prescribing ‘nature’ to their patients! The outside can really work wonders for your mind and body. Although it might be cold at the moment, wrap up warm and get outside every day for a short walk.

  1. Shut Yourself Off

Sometimes, the reason why we’re all so stressed is because we’re just letting too much in. Our brains get overwhelmed and it’s far too easy to worry. So, we need to switch off from time to time – or as much as possible. It could be switching off from work, our devices, or even toxic people.

  1. Do More Of What You Love

If you are always on the go, or too many things are on your mind, it’s time to focus on joy. Whether this is reading, gardening, running, getting creative, cooking, being around your family – whatever it is, focus on it. Sometimes, you can really calm yourself by being present, in the moment, and doing the things you love.

What about you – what do you do to relax?