How to find comfort when a friend is diagnosed with cancer

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Our neighbour recently had a terrible accident which has left a legacy of ill health and countless trips to A&E, surgery and hospital admissions, as her body and mind continue to repair themselves.

We’re not sure what the prognosis is at the moment, but progress is certainly slow. We’ve taken her meals, although keeping food down is an issue a lot of the time, and tried to keep her spirits up, which is difficult when she’s unable to focus, talk much or read for long periods of time.

When I heard from Shara, I was intrigued. She’s set up a company offering care packages for people with cancer. And although my neighbour isn’t dealing with cancer, some of the stuff she is dealing with on a day to day basis are very similar – she gets cold from being virtually immobile, she’s suffering with persistent nausea but is really thirsty, she can’t get comfortable without pillows and blankets, she’s bored yet unable to do much and naturally is worried about her future.

Cancer Care Parcel has hampers for everyone, including children and teens. And I think it’s a wonderful idea. After all, if you’ve never experienced something yourself (I’ve never experienced cancer myself, nor have any of my friends and family), then it’s hard to know which gifts would be useful or welcome. Each item has been recommended by someone in the know – in other words, people who have had cancer themselves or who have received a parcel, so I trust that the items included will be valuable for the recipient. This is especially important to me as someone who can’t stand waste!

Each box has a good balance of practical items, items for comfort, those that calm the mind and something pampering. Let me give you an example of what you might find:

Practical items – such as anti nausea teas and wristbands, a cool bag for carrying snacks

Items that bring comfort – a warm soft blanket, thermal bedsocks, a hand warmer

Items to calm the mind – colouring books and pencils, cds

Pamering items – a candle, a foot massager

All of this has been thought out for you, which means you as the giver, can focus on your friend or relative, rather than wasting your energy trying to second guess the best items to give.

Shara’s reason for setting up the business is a personal one. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, so understands, firsthand, all the complications that come with such a diagnosis. And was determined to help other people receive self care and calm into their lives.

Included on Shara’s site are resources so you can learn more about cancer, along with personal stories and inspirational quotes. It really is your one stop shop if ever you find yourself caring for someone with this illness or dealing with it yourself.

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