Change your life path from the comfort of your home…

coast-along-big-dig-wateraidLast week I told you the healing story of my friend.

And how a seemingly tragic event, enabled her to turn her life around.

Although she had her own business, it was getting her down, so she closed the business and trained to do something she was passionate about – a personal trainer!

Personal trainers help their clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals; which means the satisfaction at the end of the day is huge.

You get to see people succeed, witness them achieving their goals and get to be a big part of their journey – what could be better?

It’s perfect for her because she’s a people person; very outgoing and friendly – one of those people who naturally attracts people to her.

Plus you can work hours to suit yourself.

My friend is a night bird and now she’s a personal trainer she can work from lunchtime through to the evening.

This gives her the mornings to do work around the house, go for a run then get ready to meet clients.

It also means she’s plugging a huge gap in the market for people who want to train after work in the evenings.

You need certain recognised qualifications to be a personal trainer but like most things in life, not all training courses are created equal.

Body Aid have a passion to deliver personal trainer courses that raise standards througout the health and fitness industry.

They also offer courses for gym instructors, sports massage and even first aid.

All their courses are accredited by Active IQ and are nationally recognised by employers and the register of exercise professionals (REPs).

What’s great about Body Aid is their courses can be carried out from home using online distance learning, before attending and completing one of their weekend training courses.

This means you can train even while you are still working full time AND you can work at your own speed.

I did similar when I trained to be a nutritional therapist – I attended a weekend course every month for two years and in between time I worked on case studies and assignments.

It was good to work at this pace as it wasn’t overwhelming but at the same time I was taking measurable steps towards my goal.

What about you? Have you had a change in your career? How did you achieve it?