Mental health action week – 5 natural remedies for fear and anxiety

natural remedies to deal with fearEveryone feels anxious or fearful at times.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry about something negative that hasn’t happened yet, but may do so.

Fear is the natural response we feel when faced with a threat or when we are under pressure.

Both anxiety and fear can be part of a healthy response and if the feelings subside quickly after the event, it leaves no lasting damage.

Chronic anxiety

However, for some people, these feelings can take over their daily life; never dissipating and leaving them incapable of continuing a ‘normal’ life.

This year’s Mental Health Action Week, run by charity the Mental Health Foundation from 12th-18th April, is designed to draw attention to the impact anxiety and fear can have on our lives.

Symptoms of anxiety

The mental symptoms caused by anxiety include preoccupation with worrying thoughts, feeling irritable, difficulty in concentrating and problems sleeping. A pounding heart, breathing quickly, feeling weak, having a churning stomach, vomiting, diarrhoea and losing your appetite are just some of the physical effects anxiety can have.

five natural remedies

Fortunately there are many natural and effective ways to deal with anxiety, fear and panic.

Here are a five of them:

  • Aromatherapy. If the anxiety and fear are mild then simple measures such as regular aromatherapy massage can help. Relaxing oils such as frankincense, lavender and geranium can relax and soothe the mind and can be used in baths or an oil burner at home. Lemon grass essential oil can be inhaled straight from the bottle during a panic attack.
  • Exercise. Sometimes the adrenaline in your body simply needs somewhere to go! In addition, regular exercise releases endorphins, which are ‘feel good’ hormones. Try twenty minutes of exercise three times a week.
  • Diet. A healthy diet, based on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein can help balance blood sugar which can stop mood swings. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, too much sugar and processed foods.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy. CBT and cognitive hypnotherapy teaches you more positive and helpful ways of thinking so that you can deal with negative feelings.
  • Bach flower remedies. Rescue remedy can be used in times of trauma or stress. Try taking mimulus if you know the root of your fear. Take aspen if your fears are more vague.

What about you? Have you dealt with fear in a natural way? What therapies did you find helpful?