How to boost the immune system with natural remedies

Active Manuka Honey with antibiotic propertiesAutumn is my favourite season. It’s the time of misty mornings, deep, low sunsets, cool winds, red leaves, real fires and arm, germs and infections!

At the beginning of September we begin a ‘prevention is better than cure’ regime with Little Miss Green. She is a summer girl and seems to ‘need’ the hot sun and long days to keep her healthy. Robust and strong, nothing tires her out, except Autumn.

To help support her immune system we incorporate the following three gorgeous natural remedies into her daily life:

1- Active Manuka honey.

A teaspoon a day of this wonderful gift from Mother Nature and her helper bees, gives Little Miss Green a boost. Active manuka has anti-inflammatory properties, contains antioxidants and has an antibacterial quality which clears infecting bacteria.

UMF manuka honey can even tackle antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and applied topically can help clear infections and wounds on the skin.

Not all manuka honey is the same! If you want to try manuka honey, choose a product that has a UMF of 10 or more.

I’m not sure that it is ethical or sustainable to buy honey flown in from New Zealand, but then neither is medication.

2- Supplements

I’m an advocate of getting all vitamins and minerals through a healthy, organic and balanced diet. But sometimes life gets in the way of that and at other times we need a little help with increasing levels in the body.

For Little Miss Green I give vitamin C, zinc and sometimes EFAs. In addition I have liquid echinacea in the house which I give her if I feel she is coming down with an infection.

During the autumn, warming foods such as soups, stews and casseroles packed with veggies and immune boosting herbs such as garlic, sage and thyme help to keep the body naturally fit and healthy

3- Essential oils

Essential oils are one of my favourite medicines! Who cannot feel better after a waft of pure rose oil? It contains the aroma of summer within it and helps to balance and calm the system.Aromatherpy an A-Z by Patricia Davis

Lemon essential oil is a powerful oil. It stimulates the white corpuscles that defend the body against infection and it is a powerful bactericide: research shows that the essential oil will kill diptheria bacilli in 20 minutes; even in as low a dilution as 0.2%.

Lavender essential oil is Little Miss Green’s favourite and what a great all-rounder it is! It helps to fight infections and can be used neat on the skin. If she has a sore throat or earache, out comes the lavender and I apply one neat drop to the outside of her throat or pour a drop into her ears. Lavender is analgesic, antiseptic and has antibiotic properties.

Using essential oils as a massage means that the child gets the most important, amazing, sustainable, eco friendly and effective cure of all – her mother’s touch and emotional availability. Tell a happy story while you massage your child and they’ll be better in no time.

My favourite book for learning about essential oils is Aromatherapy A-Z by Patricia Davis- click on the book to buy!

What natural remedies do you use to prevent winter ills?