Ramblings of a wannabe Beltane Goddess about the season of spring

a beautiful beltane maidenSpring is rather like a birthing rite. There are so many conflicting energies. It is a transition. The simplest and most noticeable conflict is with the weather. One day we wear shorts, t-shirts and eat salad for lunch. The next, we are wrapped in cosy sweaters craving warming stews. During the season we have Lent.

For many of us, this might involve introspection as we go on our personal ‘pilgrimage’ and inner journey with an opportunity to progress in self development. This culminates in the outward celebration of Easter, with its focus on resurrection and new life.

Spring is full of paradoxes. There is a conflict between holding back, clutching at what we know, and trusting the process of life. We have to surrender to the Universe and allow ourselves to be re-birthed.
Like the birthing of a butterfly, if we interfere with the struggle and dance of emerging life or try to ‘help’ by hurrying things along or pulling away the cocoon, the butterfly dies. Likewise, if we hold back through fear of letting go. The butterfly *has* to struggle in order to find its inner strength. To hinder the progression of our own rebirth is to risk surrendering only to death. We must surrender to *life*!

Spring is a time of sudden changes and we can use the unpredictable weather patterns to remind us of that inner working and deepen our connection with the Universe.

Give thanks each mealtime and focus for a moment on how your food is sunlight transformed. Isn’t that an amazing concept? We are made of light and we eat lightLittle Miss Green’s ‘cave in springtime’ picture to renew ourselves. Draw the energy of the sun towards you and open to the warrior spirit that will help you find your direction in life.

On cloudy days, allow yourself to hide beneath the protective cloud and introspect for a while. Remember, sometimes we have to go through a period of ‘breakdown’ to allow something deeper to enter our lives.

When it rains, listen to the messages given to you as it drums on the window. Allow yourself to shed tears with the rain, discover a secret about yourself in the messages and give yourself permission to grieve.

When the wind blows do you close your windows to it, to the Divine and to the very breath of life? Allow it to playfully ravish your curtains, blow away the dust and rearrange your plans. Unleash the wild and untamed animal that lives within us all and use that energy for genuine acts of ‘heroism’ in a world that longs for insight and healing.

To allow space for the new, the old must be cleared away. It is not always pleasant or easy, but a necessary law of nature. This cleansing energy is mirrored in every aspect of our own lives from our wardrobes to our minds; through our a meadow in spring timerelationships to our intestines and onto our spiritual practise!

Spring is traditionally associated with ‘spring cleaning’ which we can take literally and metaphorically. It feels good to throw open the windows and to dust away the cobwebs. Likewise we might undertake a short fast or detox and reassess the direction of our lives. If we can surrender to the cleansing energy involving disruptions of the old energies around us then the journey is so much smoother.

Epictetus said,
“Within the divine order, we each have our own special calling. Listen to yours and follow it faithfully.”

Ask yourself “What is it you want to do with your life?” and “What do you love to do?” Then seek creative ways to manifest your dreams.

Commit to new projects, design small, manageable goals and plant the seeds of your intentions.

Celebrating the spring equinox can be done with planting seeds, returning energy back into the earth. Even those without gardens can plant herbs for the kitchen windowsill. The seeds of your intentions and goals can also be planted. Ensure you carefully sow, rather than scatter the seeds of your hopes, dreams and aspirations and don’t allow the weeds of negative self-talk to choke your dreams. my attempt at a spring flower!

At Beltane, the height of the spring energies great changes can occur. Be sure to look at what opportunities have opened up to you. Even in the things that seem destructive, such as the end of a relationship we find that with the gifts of hindsight, these were often our times of greatest growth.
As we witness the growth of spring we do well to ask ourselves ‘where is *my* new growth?’

Today, I had my first CBT (cognitive behvaiour therapy) session. I’ve been living with a few debilitating life ‘issues’ for many years now and now I’m ready to embrace positive change. I’m taking a huge leap of faith and stepping right outside my comfort zone, but like that butterfly in the cacoon it’s now time for me to spread my wings and become the best I can be.

On this perfect Beltane day I wish you all a life of miracles, love, good health and great happiness.