It feels good to give

feels good to give, share and help othersI recently started reading a great blog by Tim Brownson called “How to be rich and happy”  because, let’s face it, we’d all embrace some richness and happiness in our lives, right?

Tim is an experienced and skilled life coach. He utilises tools such as hypnotherapy and NLP as well as personal wisdom, intuition and years of experience to facilitate his clients towards living the life they want to lead.

His approach, from what I have read on his site, is down to earth, humorous but serious and focused.

Well the other week he decided to give away 6 months free life coaching to one lucky reader, which would probably involve an investment of around $2000 if you were to pay for it. It’s not that he is short of clients, or is sitting in his home twiddling his thumbs. I don’t actually know the reason WHY he did it, but I like to think it’s because he’s a genuine guy who cares and likes to pay it forward from time to time.

His sites are already full of excellent advise. In particular I found his ‘seven killer questions‘ over on his “the discomfort zone” amazing. I’ve decided that I’m missing having regular counselling work, but it’s just not financially comfortable for me to prioritise that right now. I’m already having regular reflexology, healing and I eat 80% organic food, so I figured that with several years knowledge or different types of counselling and psychological skills, I could be my OWN counsellor.

I booked a session with myself, dutifully arrived and didn’t know what to say. As ‘Ms Counsellor’ I didn’t know what to ask either! My mind went completely blank about the sorts of things I used to talk about and the tools used to get me searching for those juicy answers.

Fortunately Tim’s article reminded me of all those nuggets of wisdom that can indeed lead you to finding your own answers in life.

It feels good to give, doesn’t it? Can you remember the last time you gave something away? Maybe an item, some experience, your time, some words, your wisdom? Do you remember that warm fuzzy feeling you got from helping someone, expecting nothing in return?

I wanted to share this story because we can all read about the negative things going on in the world, the hatred, the greed and I admit all of this gets to me sometimes. But when I hear of people like Tim, genuinely wanting to help others be the best they can, it fills my heart with joy and gratitude that there are so many wonderful, caring people in the world who are reaching out to others.

What about you? When did you last give something away and how did you feel about it? Don’t be shy, tell us all the great things you have done for others!