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Why Learning To Love Your Body Is So Important

body image

  People are more dissatisfied with their bodies than ever before. They stare at themselves in the mirror wondering what went wrong. The interesting thing about this is that it doesn’t seem to matter what the person looks like to begin with. They can be svelte and have beautiful skin, but that isn’t enough to…

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4 Ways To Feel A Little More Accomplished In 2021

how to feel accomplished

  2020 was a strange year. The majority of us didn’t get up to much because of the situation going on in the world. Work hours were reduced, ‘on the ground’ groups had to switch to online and we couldn’t meet up with friends and family. This meant that hobbies, interests and contributing to society…

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Three Tips For Staying Focused On Your Priorities

  It would be a pretty substantial understatement to say that at present, the world is in flux and that it’s hard to keep up. For anyone who wants to keep their head above water, it has become almost essential to devote more time to self-care; while it would be ill-advised to start ignoring the…

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Think positive and lose weight now

lose weight with positive thinking

 While there are some people who don’t care about being obese, there are others who get extremely depressed about their weight. If you’re someone in the overweight, obese, or morbidly obese category, how do you feel?

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Momentum …

Do you suffer with maintaining momentum? Do you start a new project with energy and eagerness only to find your enthusiasm wanes? Our guest writer today, Rose, shares some subtle but effective tactics she has in mind for making a difference to her health during Heart Month.

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