4 Ways To Feel A Little More Accomplished In 2021

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2020 was a strange year. The majority of us didn’t get up to much because of the situation going on in the world.

Work hours were reduced, ‘on the ground’ groups had to switch to online and we couldn’t meet up with friends and family. This meant that hobbies, interests and contributing to society through activities like volunteering or taking part in self -improvement weekends were virtually stopped.

It took its toll on mental health, with reports showing that many adults experienced heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

But things are changing now, so we can do things to feel more accomplished and fulfilled in life.

And this doesn’t mean radical lifestyle changes or burning yourself out with new tasks. In fact, now is a time to be kind to yourself, take an honest look at where you are in life and bring in some small, but meaningful changes.

Here are some ideas:

Get Out And Move A Little More

If you have more of an active lifestyle, then you’re going to feel like you’ve achieved more. This is firstly because you will literally have achieved something by boosting your physicality – even if it is only for a little bit. Secondly, your brain releases good, positive chemicals when you exercise your body. It makes everything around you seem so much better and easier to deal with and you’ll feel pleased with yourself for investing in yourself.

Embrace Modern Technology A Little More

If you’re somewhat of a techie already, then you won’t have to worry too much about this. But for many people, having to switch to so many online classes, shopping and communication has been a struggle, so why not make it a priority this year? We’re only going to be getting more technological as time progresses, so it’s best to get onboard now! Whether you read up a few things on Troypoint or figure out how social media works, you’ll feel better for it.

Actively Help Others Some More

When we do things for others, we get a mirrored feeling of pleasure. We feel as though we’ve done something right. We’re social creatures, so we need to be around others and in positive spirits. People will always be in need, so when you have time, why not do something for another human, animals or the environment. As we can start to meet up with people, doing a shared task such as a river clean or litter pick can boost your feeling of belonging and community, as well as you doing something altrustic.

Work Harder At Everything You Do

If you slack off, you can feel pretty down when things don’t go your way. If you get a bad result in something after working so hard, you can at least be proud that you did your best. So, in 2021, why not go hammer and tong with absolutely everything you do. A good work ethic is something that comes with practice and becomes a habit. If you keep doing it, then it’ll just be the way you are and you’ll achieve a lot more – you might even achieve your dream later on down the line due to this behaviour and then you’re going to feel great!

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