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The last self improvement book you’ll ever need

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 October 2010 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment

people celebrating successIs your life fulfilling? Do you wake up in the mornings refreshed, energised and ready to embrace the day?

Have you achieved your goals and are you living the dream?

If not, I have just the book for you!

Perfect life

There are heaps of courses, books and videos that promise us the perfect life. Some are bootcamp courses with high powered seminars that fire up our enthusiasm and leave us feeling motivated.

The trouble is, once we come out of the room and have gone back to ‘real life’ for a few days that energy can gradually dwindle until we feel no better than we did before we went.

What you need is lasting change.

Lasting change

Change that comes deep from within and ripples out into all aspects of your life.

You also need a change of mindset, to develop an achiever’s mind, a successful mind and a belief in yourself.

Although some courses and seminars DO deliver this, most give you that great feeling for a few hours or days at most.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0981363903[/amazon-product]

Baby steps

Baby steps are often the key to success. I first learned this when I started work with a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. She used to get me doing things to 15 seconds!

I used to do it, unconvinced and kind of scoffing at the idea, but I did it. Within a few months I’d noticed fundamental changes about the way I viewed myself and my life.

Then I met a transformation coach who, although she gave me ‘bootcamp’ when I needed it, also respected and responded to my own model of the world i.e. I need things in bitesized chunks.

Achieve it!

Now I’ve come across a book called “Achieve anything in just one year” by Jason Harvey and if you’re a tortoise rather than a hare, this book could help you too.

Every day, for a year, you’re offered a page to read and a small assignment. Each assignment builds on the last one, but Jason keeps overwhelm out of the equation. You’ll be asked to journal, try something new, perform randon acts of kindness and challenge your beliefs to be more supportive and encouraging.


It might seem, as it did with my 15 seconds of action, that you are ‘doing nothing’, that you’re not doing things ‘fast enough’. However creating a strong foundation on which to bring about change is the key to success. There aren’t many shortcuts to achieving the life of your dreams, and this book will help you get there in one short year.


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