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Full moon in cancer and lunar eclipse Thus 31st December 2009

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 December 2009 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

cancerThe full moon is at 10 degrees cancer tomorrow. There is also a lunar eclipse, which ramps up the energy of this full moon. AND it’s a blue moon! Wherever 10 degrees cancer falls in your birth chart, will signify important turning points in your evolutionary journey that unfolds over the following year. Want to know what the stars have in store for you? Email me your name, date of birth, place of birth and EXACT time to find out what area of your life this eclipse will be highlighting.

The cancer full moon is here to help you celebrate love and all the nurturing relationships in your lives  – this isn’t the time to retreat with defence into your Cancerian shell, but to show your soft interiors to those you love and to connect emotionally with all those special people in your lives.

You have the opportunity tonight to say ‘I love you.’ to all the people you have slipped into taking for granted, as we so often do with our busy lives.

Stop and take time to show others you care and appreciate them – have a romantic evening in, get your family together, have some fun with friends and make them all feel special and cared for. We recognise that what we tend to, tends to us, so are able to offer and receive an abundance of love – what better way to celebrate the new year!?

If you are alone tonight, or feel alone at large, then this is the time to realise that you are *not* alone, that you are connected on some level with every person, animal and plant on this planet and to find your oneness with the Universe.
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There will be very altruistic feelings with this full moon and it is the perfect time to release any past hurts – the Cancerian parts of us are often easily wounded and take things very personally; let all resentments go and move on with forgiveness in your heart. Remember that harbouring bitter feelings and not forgiving others only seeks to hold you back from your own journey through life – it is such as waste of energy to hold on tightly to past hurts – free yourself and imagine all the wonderful, enriching, empowering things you can do when you free up some of that energy to give back to yourself.

You are invited to take a look at balancing your inner emotional world and the face the society expects you you to wear – there are many values and beliefs through which we live our lives, but when we stop and think about them, we realise that many of them are not our own.

Where in your life are you dancing to the tune that others’ expect you to? Where do you allow your relationships to suffer because of what you ‘ought to be doing’? For example, do you work such long hours that you do not have quality time to spend with loved ones? What do you determine as success – is it money and status as society might tell you it is, or is harmonious, loving relationships in your life?

Meditation for the full moon in Cancer

Imagine you can locate the roots of your energy field or aura which are near your tailbone. Imagine there is a wonderfully soothing pink light gently pushing out any insecurity and replacing it with a feeling of being at home in the universe. Send roots down into the earth and draw nurturing and reassurance from the earth – feel nourished and cared for. End with the affirmation: I am safe at home in the nurturing love of the Divine.

Meditation from Donna Cunningham’s “Moon signs” book


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