New moon in Libra

libra - the scales by Josephine WallHappy New Moon! Where did the last 2 weeks go to? I’m going to be self indulgent this month. My moon is in Libra, so I’m dedicating this post to myself!

With the new moon in Libra your relationships are bought to the fore and are of paramount importance; they require your attention and the desire to be in harmony infuses us all. Loneliness drives us when the moon is in Libra, to search for the other and we are reminded that the past is always alive in our present relationships.

The virtue of this moon is compassionate detachment, which means that no matter how intense the drama, we can take a step back and see all with perspective. If you are looking for Mr/Miss Right then this is the new moon to begin your search. This is not some fruitless, nebulous easy-ride; you have to clearly define exactly what you want and indeed, deserve, in your new partner and know that you can manifest this person to come into your life. Be strong and settle for nothing less than you want.

This is the time to release all concerns about past relationships – look at them with detachment, see where they failed, accept what there is to learn from them and within your goal, determine that you will not make the same mistakes with your next partner.libra constellation

If you are already in a relationship, then this is the new moon to rekindle any dwindling love if it is worthy of being saved – remember all the joys you had when you first met; the tingling when you touched, the fluttering in the stomach? now is the time to tend to your intimate relationship – we often fall into the trap of taking our partner for granted, no longer making an effort, nor making time for each other.

With the new moon in Libra, we are afforded the opportunity to speak openly and honestly from our hearts and to set about making new goals as a couple: look at where your relationship has challenges, ask for your needs to be met and rekindle the passions that bought you together.

Relationships are not just limited to our partners, but to our families, friends and colleagues – any sharing or healing that needs to be done can be done now with diplomacy and good, open, honest communication.

Any relationships in your life that do not allow you to stand in your own truth or stifle you should be ended – the Libra new moon will give you the opportunity to see and feel relationships for what they are and carries the necessary energy to help you to remove it from your life.

Ruled by Venus, Goddess of beauty, the new moon in Libra would be a great time to tap into the beauty and art so resonant with this sign, and do some work on redecorating your hoDonna Cunningham - moon signsme – make it beautiful, allow it to reflect your artist within.

Ritual for new moon in Libra from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon Signs’ book – click on the book to buy!

Put  yourself in a bubble of pink light. Visualise someone loved and lost or estranged in front of you in a pink bubble. Imagine a rope between your hearts representing all the difficulties or pain that passed between you. Burn these away with a pink flame coming from your heart. Keep it burning and say ‘release with love, heal with love, cleanse with love.’ over and over. When the rope has burned through, let the pink light fill your heart and send the person on their path with a prayer for healing. End with the affirmation “I release my sorrow over past relationships.”

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